Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tye Dye Oh My! July 13 2010

The day started off with some fun indoor games...and a little rain! We played a funny game that made everyone giggle! Once we warmed up and got to know each other it was time to make our Tye Dye ice cream. We put our ice cream in the freezer to get cold and then we ventured into the garage to make our T-Shirts. We don't have any pictures of us making these shirts...mainly because it was a lot more work than Jennifer and I remembered from our childhood!! They all picked out their favorite colors to put on their shirts. We thought they came out great and I have heard from several moms that they wear them all of the time! I brought my big boys(6 and 9) with me and they had a lot of fun with all of these little guys. We had 7 boys at this class and one sweet girl Addy. Addy didn't seem to mind that she was the only girl...she helped us take care of Jennifer's little girl Lillie! When we finished with our T-shirts we brought the ice cream out...the children put swirls of color in their ice cream and loaded the ice cream with all kinds of candy...mmmm delish! After the ice cream the children were playing a made up game and we went with it and brought out costumes! They had a blast dressing up and running around playing..I love childhood!! It was a great morning for everyone!

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