Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flip Flops

Wow It Was HOT!! Funny thing about kids they don't seem to mind the heat!! I loved today, it reminded me of my childhood! The children just absolutely loved playing in the water in the hot, hot, sun! Covered in grass, and food from their lunches, they ran and jumped and laughed and screamed ...all in the hot, hot, sun! Jennifer and I got a kick out of watching them play, it takes all of two minutes for them to get comfortable with each other and act like they have known each other their whole lives...hmmm I wish being an adult was this easy! We had 3 girls and 6 wild boys, they are all so cute I can't stand it! I have a new baby girl who I have longed for all my whole life, but I just can't tell you how much I love boys this stinkin cute!! Caden and Zack were new today and they fit in so well...both such sweet angels!! Wyatt, George, Caleb and Justin, I met at our last group, and they just, "go with it!" Love it! Our girls are so sweet...little Addy is just about the most adorable little girl gentle and kind, but I loved this, as soon as the water started, sweet, quiet little Addy through her hands on her hip and started hollering at those boys that she didn't want to be her!! Jennifer's nieces Izzy and Grace were our big girl helpers, they just finished kindergarten this past they were very helpful! I taught them pre k, so it is always fun for me to see them..I am so proud of both of them!
After the kiddos played outside on the swing set we came inside to make homemade ice cream. They were all very interested in how ice cream is made. We made vanilla ice cream, all of the children had an opportunity to pour, mix, stir, all of the ingredients. We put the ice cream in the freezer to get cold and then we made some crafts. They made visors, father's day cards, and helped me put together their flip flops. They were so cute picking out the colors for their flip flops and telling me all about their favorite colors...luckily they only had a few color choices!! The girls made flip flops that were very cute, but a lot of this point the boys were back to the water, grass, and bug talk! The girls used many different scraps of fabric to craft these adorable flip flops...they inspired me to make some for my nieces. It is a very unique opportunity to sit with a few children at a time to make crafts...sadly I wish I had this time and patience with my own children...this got me thinking..."Twigs and Twirls" should be a time where children can try/do the activities that are just too time consuming, messy, or difficult to do at home! That will be our goal...I know when my boys ask to make a volcano or cook it just makes me cringe, knowing there will be a mess, smell, or possibly a fight between the boys...but at "Twigs and Twirls" that is what we are going to do SO ...shoot me your ideas! What is it your preschooler is always whining to do, that you would love for them to do, just ...not with you?!! We will give it a try!!

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